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pay for all those programs. without them the country collapses. >> sean: thanks for being with us. see you tomorrow. >> greta: tonight a blockbuster night in new hampshire. can it fire into the hot race for president. mr. herman cain is on the stage and they are going to be right here to ought record. you don't want to miss that. >>> this is a fox news alert. a scorching defeat for the jobs bill. senate voted to kill the $447 billion jobs packet. things have been heated in the senate. earlier today a different kind of action in the senate. it was chaos. anti-war protestors demonstrate in the office building. capitol police arrested half a dozen demonstrators. frustrated americans say they are fed up with war and the economy. so what is next on the front? now that the bill has failed. >> we expected the bill to pass. >> it didn't pass and it's not a big surprise it didn't pass given the fact we have to remember this president has brought us $800 billion in stimulus, 4 trillion dollars in debt and that has brought the unemployment. the president's job bill would have gave us more of the
yes. i'm martha mccal em, in for greta. in the report they said the u.s. is likely to get hit again with either moody's or pitch that downgrades us this time around. and that comes afghanistan dared and pours downgraded the united states debt. dennis kneel, fox correspondent, joins us now. dennis, good to see you again. >> okay. >> does it matter if they decide to do it? >> there's a different between reality and wall street n reality this doesn't have to matter at all. it doesn't have to hurt at all. remember the reason that we should fear a debt down grade is because if the debt is looked at as messier and more risky, then the u.s. has to pay far higher interest rates and we will go bankrupt we can't pair our debt. they downgraded us in august and the stock market plunged from 12,000 to 10,000, and interest rates that the u.s. has to pay on treasures went down and not up. the debt was cheaper. why? because when the entire world is in a panic, the u.s., even if it was the thing that set up the panic, turns out to be the best place to go and the safest place to go. so in reality doe
good to see you. >> sean: that's all of our time. thank you for being with us. i hope have you a great weekend. see you back here on monday. >> president obama's approval rating plummets. karl rove joins us live. good evening, karl. we are 13 months out, but approval rating, we pay a lot of attention. his numbers are going down. you know, thoughts on the president's new numbers? >> well, he can't be happy, 41% in the 11th quarter of his presidency. this, in the modern era has only been exceeded by jimmy carter, who was at 31% at this point. no president's been re-elected with the polls as low as president obama's are now. the good news for him is that it is the next quarter and the quarter after that, the last 3 months of 2011 and the first 3 months of 2012 that seem to have a greater relationship to the outcome. but this is not a good place for the white house to be in. the 262 quarters that gal gallup has done this anal sitsis, this is the bottom 16%. >> it's interesting. he had success with bin laden. we have qaddafi, of course, that's another quarter. nato. but nonetheless,
anybody else has addressed. it talks about the use of modern management techniques to save up to $500 billion a year, fundamentally replacing the entire civil service process that goes back to the 1880s. in addition, there are specific proposals to replacing the environmental protection agency with a solutions agency. i don't know anybody else who talked about that. there is a proposal for an optional flat tax. and there is a proposal to create a 21st century food and drug administration that is, i think, again, pretty significantly different from other folks. you know, some pieces overlap. there is no question, a number of us believe that a zero capital gains tax. i think that herman cain and i talked about the chilean model of allowing young people to have personal social security accounts. michele bachmann introduced the bill to repeal dodd frank. there are some overlaps and some areas that are really uniquely newt gingrich's 21st century contract with america that i don't believe any other candidate has talked about yet. >> all right. one place said that to secure the border, you
. that is all the time for being with us. greta is next. >>> people are mad at the economy, right place to focus is washington because they are destroyer of jobs in to. >> together we can ignite this economy, there is the 999 plan. this is called the zero, zero, zero plan. >> we need to turn the economy around. no matter who the person is we have to have someone that we can believe in. >> once we were wealthy country, middle-class was strong. today middle-class is weak. it's getting weaker. the poor are in more numbers, rich are getting richer and productivity has left us. >> the president was to turn around the economy, now over a thousand days later he is still talking about a stimulus man. bee looked at the first stimulus, did it work? >> no! >> to cut taxes and spending. balance the federal budget and grow our economy and jobs. >> our biggest domestic problem is the economy which is on life support. >> we've learned some important lessons, this economy has spun out of control. we have hard decisions to make. we're not going to be able to bring our people together in america until we fix the
presidential candidate and in some polls frontrunner mr. herman cain making remarks about a fence between u.s. and mexico. mr. cain said it was just a joke. is it? >> if they can build the great wall of china on the side of a mountain, centuries ago, we can build a fence on the southern border if we want to. [cheers] we can build a fence. [ applause ] >> y'all can't build that fence. well, i will tell you what, when i'm in charge of the fence we are going to have a fence. it's going to be 20 feet high and have barb wire on the top. it's going to be electrocuted -- electrified. and there is going to be a sign on the other side that says it will kill you. >> greta: mr. cain says he was just trying to get a laugh. here he is on "meet the press" yesterday. >> you said at an event in tennessee that you would build electrified fence on the border that could kill people if they tried to pass illegally. >> that's a joke. >> that's not a serious plan. >> no, it's not. >> you got a big laugh but that's not what you would do. >> that's a joke. i said america needs to get a sense of humor. >> greta: fox
is using let recollect to sell the jobs plan. >> you came out swinging at the president. why? >> it's disappointing. i don't enjoy doing this because he gave ausmussage of hope three years ago, of uniting and not dividing. what we are getting is class warfare. we are getting very polar rising rhetoric that pits people against one another and i would say social unrest and class resentment does not make america stronger, it makes america weaker. >> why is he doing it? either for political reasons or he's given up working with congress or he's a bad person. >> i wouldn't say he's a bad person. i don't think that. >> but if you are creating class warfare and you are trying to cause trouble, that's not a person -- i mean, those are harsh words. >> it strikes me as an i had logical thing and it's a political decision i think he's made. he decided not to work with congress by sending us a jobs bill that had a chance of passing, by sending us the idea we know we agree with him on and he send us another round of stimulus. then he spent months going around the country, and setting up strong m
night. thanks fork being with us. bret is next. nex see you tomorrow night. >>or tonight representative paul ryan comes out swinging at president obama. he accuses the president of preying on the emotion of fear, envy, and resentment. congressman ryan said the president is using rhetoric to solvsell his jobs plan.ell the o >> youbs know, it's reallyi do disappointing, actually. e ausmue years ago, of uniting and not dividing. what we are getting is class warfare. we are getting very polar rising rhetoric that pits people against one another and i would say social unrest and class resentment does not make america stronger, it makes america weaker. >> why is he doing it? either for political reasons or he's given up working with congress or he's a bad person. >> i wouldn't say he's a bad person. i don't think that. >> but if you are creating class warfare and you are trying to cause trouble, that's not a person -- i mean, those are harsh words. >> it strikes me as an i had logical thing and it's a political decision i think he's made. he decided not to work with congress by sending us a j
to the public so he's want under federal law with the animals. could humane society or some of us done something? i don't think so. the laws are very weak here. governor strickland put into place laws, but we have to enforce the laws and that takes money and people. now we know that and we are ready to act and do something about it. it is too bad that the animals lost their lives because this should have been stopped years ago. >> you know, jack, whatever decision you make, i am 100% behind you. i have known you long enough, you are the best with the animals. i can imagine that this -- this is a tough advice for you. and if you say that this is the right thing, i am 100% behind you. i don't want to leave on a sad note, so can you tell me about what is behind you? tell me about that bear? an awful lot of animal lovers are here. let us enjoy that bear for a moment. >> right here, have you a grizzly. you can imagine, look at the size of this bear here. can you imagine three or four of those coming down the road last night? but that's a beautiful, big brown bear, weighing 8- or 900 pounds. this habi
job, a really great job in terms of, and this is an individual so we won't use the word branding, but in terms of really setting yourself up for great things. whether it happens or not, just great things. i think he's done an amazing job, a great job. >> what was your impression? what would you say. >> a terrific guy, smart, energetic. we had a great time. we were together for about an hour and twenty minutes. we just enjoyed t i think he enjoyed it also. >> are you surprised he has surged and in a very risky business, someone is up, someone is down, someone is up, someone is down? but are you surprised? >> i'm not surprised after meeting him. he's just a very interesting guy, and he comes out with some very specific plans and lots of other people aren't coming out with a real specific plans. and, you know, i just liked him very much. as a person i liked him very much and it's one of the reason he surged. >> there's a pilgrimage to see you. >> we talked about that a little bit. the fact is i represent a large group of millions of people that really like what i'm saying about chin
governor palin will not seek the nomination for president. she is here and will join us. i want to talk to you about your decision but first your thoughts ton on steve jobs dying because i think he has probably touched all of us in so many situation i'm curious of your thoughts tonight. >> certainly he has touched all of us and changed in such a positive way, the way that the world communicates. i know personally for us, i was thinking about steve jobs this evening, he touching our family with hissen jennaty, with his work ethic in the invention of the ipad. our youngest child, he's not able to speak, he communicates with sign language but he loves his ipad and loves to play talking tom game on this and he's able to communicate with us through that. a personal touch that i think illustrates steve jobs is certainly not a singular man. he was a person that touched so many people and he will certainly be missed. >> you mentioned the fact your youngest child has used. ipad. i don't know if i'm talking out of school, but i saw the sharpy marker he made, in fact, on your ipad, that permanen
, are you with us? or are you with them? presidents obama's answer was, i don't want to jeopardize my chances to negotiate with the iranian islamic republic. that was a seminole moment and an opportunity that may never come again. so we blew june of '09. the president blew that opportunity. but this is october of '11 and they can are working on a nuclear weapon, from everything i hear from everybody here on capitol hill and everything i read in the paper and they are attempting an assassination. we have had sanctions against them. you know what's wrong with this picture? at what point do we let them get a nuclear weapon and say, oh, no, they have a nuclear weapon. >> there are a lot of reports that the sanctions have really hurt them. i don't believe that. i think it's hurt them smsm but not enough to -- to affect any change in their behavior. i think i think we have to understand that we are facing a really disturbing threat here because if they are willing to do something like there that was just revealed, think of what they are willing to do if they had a nuclear weapon. i am not s
, a guest you all know, former vice president dan quayle joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. congratulations to you and fox. 15 great years. many more. we hope. >> greta: absolutely. >> fair and balanced. >> greta: use that for an ad. >> exactly. >> greta: love your state fair. >> you are interested in political history. i'm going to give you a little political history from my perspective in the arizona state fair. it was back in 1958 when i lived here. i grew up here in arizona. i was with my wonderful mother who is hopefully watching tonight, because i'm mentioning her in a very good set. took me to the arizona state fair to pass out barry goldwater literature when he was running for the united states senate against earnest mcfarland. that was my first political event in my life. >> greta: what a difference it makes. >> exactly. >> greta: who would guess you would be vice president and be back here. >> be back at the arizona state fair. when i knew you were going to be here and you invited me i said absolutely i want to come see greta and help fox and come back to the ariz
of potential tools they could use to increase sanctions against the iranians. and the administration has these tools. they are available and i would believe that they need to use these tools. >> they aren't using them? >> they are not using all the tools that were given to them by the congress. >> so there is some latitude to sort of amp up the sanctions, essentially. >> they are. >> and do you believe sanctions would be effective in sending a message to iran. >> i think the sanction wes have in place from the united states and the europeans and others have had an affect on the iranians but i believe more needs to be done. >> anything? what about military action? are you opposed to putting that on the table right now? >> i don't think you should take any options off the table, but i think there are other tools that are available that will help us achieve an outcome here that would be beneficial for the world. >> okay. we now seem to be in plan b with the jobs. the bill in the senate failed yesterday, so now where are we in the present jobs bill and what would you like to see being done?
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, in all of my years, i used to represent demonstrators. i never sort of thought they had solutions. they were usually upset with something. >> well, listen, i don't mind a demonstration. most people like demitrations. these -- some of these demonstrations are going over the line. how many people get arrested at tea party events? there have been a lot of arrests here. to translate that into a movement, to give it credibility, as the president has, based on the fact that there is no coherency, based on the fact that a lot of these folks are avowed marxists, i have a problem with that. >> i have a problem when it gets violent. that's a different thing. charles, thank you. we will be watching this because -- >> it's a great story. >> yeah. indeed. now to the battle over jobs. it is really heating up. just hours ago, president obooma getting combative about republicans and g.o.p. lawmakers are not being shy because they are fighting back. mitch mcconnell calling the president's jobs bill a jobs killer. now, we spoke with senator mcconnell earlier tonight. nice to see you, sir. >> good t
with a different message are stopped in their tracks. guards at the national spare space museum using pepper spray to turn back anti-war demonstrator. they are protesting a drone exhibit. >> how do we feel? >> how do we feel. >> about our congressman. >> about our congressman. >> and the national assembly. >> and in atlanta a civil rights hero, congressman john lewis tries to lend his support to the group but they use some bizarre tactics to stop him from speaking. one man is speaking his mind about the way the protests, thas herman cain. >> part of it is jealousy. i stand by that. and here's why i don't have a lot of patience with that. my parents, they never played the victim card. my parents never said that we hope that the rich people lose something so we can get something. no. my dad's idea was i want to work hard enough so i can buy a cadillac, not take somebody else's. and this is why i don't have a lot of patience for people who want to protest the success of somebody else. >> and harsh words, of course, from mr. cane and fox business network senior correspondent dennis joins us. good even
, we didn't even realize just how much natural gas was trapped irocks thounds of feet below us. technology has made it possible to safely unlock this cleanly burning natural gas. this deposits can provide us with fuel for a hundred years, providing energy security and economic growth all across this country. it just takes somebody having thidea, and that's where the discovery comes from. i've got to tell susie ! the vending machine on elm is almost empty. i'm on it, boss. new pony sorry ! we are open for business. let's reroute greg to fresno. growing businesses use machine-to-machine technology from verizon wireless. susie ! the nding machine... already filled. cool bike. because the busine with the best technologyules. >> okay. here's the question. did u.s. attorney general eric holder lie to congress? his testimony about the fast and furious gun program is coming under fire d he know a whole lot more a lot sooner than he told congress. white house is urging a special committee to investigate. so what's the problem? >> let's put this in context. fast and furious is a debacle.
>> you have my endorsement. >> that may hurt you. thanks for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. greta is next. >>> tonight we have a blockbuster new show. the republican candidates for president are all revved up over issues and each other. in minutes three of them go on the record here live from las vegas. we have newt gingrich, michelle bachmann, and herman cain. they're minutes away. first, former alaska sarah palin joins us. >> good evening, greta. how are you? >> i'm okay. we've had debate number eight. let me ask you a two part question. what were you looking for as a voter? what do you think most americans were looking for? >> i was looking for candidates to start telling us actually what their plan is, not just verbalize this idea that they have a plan and that they'll present us with a plan on how to deal with the housing market that's in the tank and these jobless numbers that are just atrocious but actually present in detail their plan. herman cain thankfully, although a lot of people are criticizing the plan, he has specifics that he
channel in america, and you have made us number one for more than 100 months in a row. how did that happen? you are about to find out. >> george bush, this is your life. >> with all due respect we've all those excuses before. >> fair, balanced and dangerous. you never know what the guests are going to say, you never know what we are going to say. >> kissinger did it, too, where he had his hand on -- >> oh, i'm sorry. >> we are still doing these very unpredictable moments which i think the people at home love. >> good job, brian! >> in the beginning it was like headline news. can i say that on fox? and then we went totally loose. >> we want to hear conversation. we are offering it in a smart and intelligent way, too. the issues of the day. >> the fox brand has a reputation for being edgy, it's movies, television shows and sports have always been innovative and fearless when it comes to taking risks. >> we are back. >> but in heart, news corp chairman and ceo rupert murdoch has always been a newsman and he was committed to starting a first-class news operation that, too, would be innovative
off or was it a political shrewd move. dick morris joins us. >> he got the s word right. not shrewd, stupid, because when everybody knows the reason he's skipping the debates is because he got clobbered in the last four debates. first of all, if you're not in the debate, you're not in the race. these debates are making the race. nobody cares how many babies they kiss in iowa. they look at the debates and decide who to vote for. secondly, everybody knows the reason he's not debating is because he's afraid he'll mess it up again. these debates are really an audition. we're asking them all to audition for the role of the guy who debates obama. if you say you can't cut it, you're not going to get no, ma'anominated. >> he's getting clobbered by speaker gingrich and former senator santorum who said it's a sign of weakness that he may not do it the gingrich said, quote, it's an enormous mistake. not only is he going to get clobbered by his absence should he decide not to show up, but he's already getting clobbered. >> yep. absolutely. it's a stupid move. what i think is incredible, greta,
don't pay taxes, start with his own g. e. and council. this is enough. >> thanks for being with us. greta is next. see you tomorrow night. >>> tonight donald trump tweeting about president obama. this time he's not accusing him of doing a bad job, he's accusing him of not working at all. we spoke with donald trump about it a short time ago. but we asked him about another controversy that isn't overy. donald, nice to talk to you. >> hello, greta. >> i have a lot of topics. >> you always do, greta, you always do. >> this time i wrote them all down. >> that's good. >> governor rick perriry said that he had dinner with you recently and that you did not believe the president's birth certificate is real or not? is the governor correct that you don't believe it? i thought you were satisfied. >> i'm not a major believer. i don't know how it just miraculously appeared. we will see what happens. but i've never been a major believer. all of a sudden of a years and years it was produced out of nowhere. some people have serious, serious doubts as to its validity. i frankly really want to get on
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ads, that's probably useful for him but if you are well-known for perry or romney or cain, it's better for you not to be on television in some of the early states but to be there in person. this was a critical mistake romney made four years ago n march, april and may of 2007, before he had really introduced himself personally to the to the people of iowa, he ran a bunch of television ads and i can't tell you how many people said he is a hot dog. he shouldn't be running television ads. we would rather see him at the dinners or the candidate forum than see his ads on television. >> let's assume romney and cain is the nominee, and this is a board game jumping ahead, what would they look for in terms of a vice presidential candidate to compliment themselves. >> depends on if they make a political or governmental decision. a political decision, in the case of romney he will probably say i want somebody from the emerging south like a marco rubio or another successful governor from the midwest. or if it's herman cain he will like somebody who has got some solid government experience, much lik
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